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  Founded in 1968, Wendeng Maxpower Tool Group Co., Ltd has grown into one of the biggest manufacture of hand tools in China that produces professional quality of Adjustable wrenches, Pipe wrenches, Bolt cutters, Locking pliers, Sockets and its accessories, Ratchet wrenches, Hex key, Mechanical tool kits, Combination Wrenches, Aviation Snips, F-clamps, C-clamps, Water pump pliers, Swedish pipe wrench, Slip joint pliers and so on; and Maxpower Group also produces Ventilators and Environmental Protection Equipments, etc. Meanwhile, Maxpower is the chairman of China Hardware Tools & Hardware Association; awarded as “National Manufacturing Individual Champion Model Enterprise”, “National Technology Innovation Model Enterprise” and “High-tech Enterprise” and so on.

  In 1996, Maxpower took lead in hardware handtool industry to pass the ISO9001, and then successively passed the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. In addition, Maxpower has been certificated by Japan JIS, Germany VPA/GS, and Korea KS etc. to fulfill different customer equirements. With customers over 100 countries spread all over the world , Maxpower focus on supporting customers for OEM business; Also, Maxpower owns brand “Maxpower” in international market and brand “WEIDA”, “LiYu” in domestic market. So far, there have been more than 800 distributors engage in “MAXPOWER”and “WEIDA” brands all over the world.

  Maxpower has four research and development platforms which are consisting of one national-level technology development center, one CNAS national accreditation testing lab, one provincial engineering technology research center, and one provincial industrial design center. Maxpower has devoted to lean manufactory and proceeding automatic production lines such as hot forging, cold forging, mould making, machining, heat-treatment and various surfaces plating etc. that can fulfi ll customers with complex product diversity requirement.

  Maxpower's Culture and Target: Taking innovation as the forerunner and guiding consumption; Continuing to improve with consumption and building consumer satisfaction brands; Revitalizing China's national industry and making Chinese manufacturing a global manufacturing service.

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